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Valuation of companies

At Hurtado & Asociados CPA, S.A., we offer a specialized business valuation service to help our clients determine the economic value of their businesses. The objective of our firm is to provide a timely and high quality service that allows our clients to make informed decisions based on the real value of their businesses.

Business valuation is a process that consists of evaluating and determining the economic value of a company based on its financial figures, business plans, growth expectations and other aspects that have an impact on the creation of value.

It is a fundamental tool for decision making in various contexts, such as the sale or purchase of a company, mergers and acquisitions, obtaining financing, distribution of profits among shareholders, among others.

Our team of highly qualified professionals has the experience and knowledge necessary to perform company valuations in an accurate and rigorous manner. We use proven and internationally recognized methodologies and techniques to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of our valuations. In addition, we offer advisory services and guidance on business valuation decisions to help our clients maximize the value of their businesses.

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